Green Beryl

Green Beryl is a gemstone belonging to the beryl family. This gemstone is a pale green and is not referred to as emerald. This gemstone is rated between a 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale for its hardness.

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Green Beryl
Model: 10277
Carat: 4.90
Price: $196.00 Ex Tax: $196.00
Green Beryl
Model: 10276
Carat: 6.59
Price: $355.00 Ex Tax: $355.00
Green Beryl
Model: 10274
Carat: 8.68
Price: $520.00 Ex Tax: $520.00
Green Beryl
Model: 10275
Carat: 10.64
Price: $744.00 Ex Tax: $744.00
Green Beryl
Model: 10187
Carat: 20.48
Price: $1,536.00 Ex Tax: $1,536.00

Beryls are popular gems, not only on account of their magnificent color, but also due to the brilliance and their hardness which makes them well suited for jewellery.

Green Beryl is not typically treated or enhanced in anyway making it a natural gemstone. The natural pale green though not an emerald has it own charm and brilliance. It can be found in South America, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Madagascar and Ural Mountains in Russia.

The name Beryl comes from India, it was derived from Sanskrit. It is said that green beryl bring good luck, energy, youthfulness and cheerfulness to the wearer. It is also said to be effective at treating disorders of the spine and heart, and has the ability to cure a number of stomach and intestinal problems.